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07 January 2010 @ 09:05 pm
Alice nine and shopping service  
    I arrived home to be greeted with this on my doormat!

Yay my amazon order came through...however rather bizarrely ...this was dispatched after the other dvd's i ordered were and they haven't arrived yet! Im alittle worried they might be lost!:O

Only watched alittle of it so far,been updating my blogspot and submitting an entry to everday_gyaru(Why do I always feel nervous about doing that!!??) and  browsing Japanese online shops ..

Anyone know of a good reasonable priced shopping service??

Asides from that I've been feeling pretty lousy,I think my younger sister Kim (I have many sisters:O) has given me her cold(or what ever she has) Thus i have a grim headache and feel all groggyTOT I never get ill!!

Oh Anyone got any recommendations for new music ?Im feeling a little out of touch with it,must be showing my ageTAT