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15 July 2009 @ 12:43 am
Just a quick post I've been away most of last week in London.
I've had a busy week,went to Leicester on Wednesday for my Japanese Lesson's end of year meal and then down to London till Monday when I then came back up to Leicester for my graduation ceremony.
Thus I am no longer a student!!ToT

To summerise  my trip.
I had the worlds best bus driver to Leicester,he told riddles and puzzles and gave us a mini tour.HAHA he was the kinda bus driver that brighen your day, in fact there was a drunk guy on the bus who made me furious because he was smoking on the bus!SMOKING!!How inconsiderate and just down right rude.Makes me hate smokers,however because I had such a happy bus driver I wasn't angry for long.
I spent a mix of my time in London in central and at Dan's place watching movies.

Dan brought me egg magazine as a graduation gift and I found that hat in Uniqlo on sale for £4.99:D

Graduation wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.I was massively dreading it but everything went relativly smoothly.Kinda feel like Im in limbo now though,actaully I've felt like it for a long time.

Heres my eye make up for when I went down to London and when I saw my friends burlesque show.


With lower false lashes again....Im getting addicted to these:O

07 July 2009 @ 07:47 pm
I've had lower  false eyelashes for about 2 months now and couldn't for the life of me get them to look good.

Until yesterday......

Grime end of day make and rushly applied upper false lashes and liners....but i got the lower ones to look better!

wearing 2 upper lashes and cris cross lowers

only one upper and then 60'sish style lowers

05 July 2009 @ 02:53 pm
Its been a dull week.I started work again at my old job I had before I left for uni.

The manager's changed since i last worked there.I work 2pm till 5pm every week day,I'd much rather work the morning but beggers can't be chooses.Its fustrating.
When I left before uni I was virutally a superviser without the pay or status but I did all the things they do.

Now I am a lowly cashier again!!It sucks.However i have only taken this job to save money for a year and then do the JET program.

Speaking of which Im scared about doing.I have to write a personal statement and I didn't get the grades I wanted:(I have a degree just not a great one so im really worried they wont accept me.
Then Im stuck in this hell hole for another year.I've only been home for two weeks and Im already bored,theres nothing here and all my old friends im not really close with  any more,thus noone to do anything with.

Haven't been posting much recently on here or my blogspot,as I haven't don much.Just submitted a post to everyday_gyaru which scares me abit since Im kinda shy and I haven't posted on there since they changed the rules.
07 June 2009 @ 08:30 pm
I picked this up free with this months Glamour Magazine(uk version)

(Also a recent photo of my currecnt nails..OPI's Do you Lilac it? with Barry-M PInk Iridescent glitter on the tips:D sadly not a good photo though)

  I've been wanted to try Benefits Bad Gal Lash mascara for a while but I refuse to pay alot of money for it in case it was rubbish.However free with a £2 magazine,you can't really complain.

I don't really know which mascara I like any more at first I swore by Bourjouis Coup De Theatre mascara but then brought Majolica Majorca(Lash enamel and My lashs extend elgantly) after being lured in by seeing them repeatively in Ageha magazines.
Recently my MM Lash extend has begun to run out,my sister has Deja vu Fiberwig and said it was good and I'd read loads of reviews which said the same.So i purchased it about a month ago.

This is largely a usless post I was originally just going to post about getting Benefits Bad Gal Lash but then it turned into a mascara post:O

What is everyone elses favourite mascaras?and What Camera do you use?I want to get a new camera after graduation and was thinking of either a Panasonic Lumix or a Canon but Im interested to know what cameras everyone else uses or can recommend.

22 May 2009 @ 05:20 pm
Ahh i haven't posted in a while,
Last weekend I was in London from Friday to Sunday,I went to see Girugamesh but also went shopping a bit.

Suprisingly I haven't been too busy recently I just keep forgetting to post and then don't have time.

FrIday -Got to London at 12ish ,went for luch at TGI Fridays,hung around Piccadilly circusand Leicester sqaure, and then had dinner at Dan's mums.

Saturday-We were supposed to go to the Natural History Museum but we both got up late and then i had a mini crisis with my make-up and made myself look very scary:O
So we ended up in Piccadilly circus again and then headed to Islington for the girugamesh gig which we arrived at just as the doors were opening.

Girugamesh gig Collapse )

Sunday-The London Aquarium:D
It was awesome except for the crowds and hundreds of children:O
We also went to Art box,and they had a massive Rilakkuma....it was huge.Much bigger then my giant stitch,he was expensive though £180 odd pounds:O

Broke my other phone so im back to using my shitty sony.
Didn't buy too much in London.

Popteen magazine,
Rilakkuma key cover(which Dan has the other one in the set: korilakkuma.....sickening eh)
Lower eyelashes and Rilakkuma bag thing to make up for the gloomy one I lostTOT

Tuesday, I went to Birmingham for the day and Wednesday ,my remining housemates and I went for a meal and then to see Star Trek at some tiny cinema.

Im not really into sci-fi films but Star Trek was good.
Birmingham purchases.ebay and makeup purchasesCollapse )

Ahh I've been using ebay for years and haven't had to deal with many rubbish ebayers.
However over a month ago I brought lower lashes from an ebayer and then they never arrived so I emailed them,no reply.I left it another week and emailed them, no reply again.
So i just opened a paypal dispute with them earlier this week........then bam the eyelashes arrive!!

I wouldn't be as pissed if they had just emailed me back saying they'd sent them,If they had i wouldn't have brought more expensive ones in London.

24 April 2009 @ 12:52 pm
D'espairsray are touring europe again!!
And 3 shows in the UK.\(^V^)/
  • 10/07/2009 BARCELONA (0) Sala Apolo Spain
  • 11/07/2009 MONTPELLIER (0) Le Rockstore
  • 13/07/2009 PARIS (0) La Cigale
  • 15/07/2009 MANCHESTER (0) Academy 3 UK
  • 16/07/2009 BIRMINGHAM (0) Eddie's Rock UK
  • 18/07/2009 LONDON (0) Garage UK
  • 19/07/2009 COLOGNE (0) Werkstatt Germany
  • 21/07/2009 HAMBURG (0) Knust Germany
  • 22/07/2009 GDYNIA (0) Ucho Poland
  • 24/07/2009 STOCKHOLM (0) Klubben Sweden
  • 25/07/2009 HELSINKI (0) Nasturi Finland
  • 26/07/2009 MOSCOW (0) Gaudi Russia

25 March 2009 @ 10:52 pm
     Ahh I'm so tired,so I'll post then sleep:)

   Went to London yesterday for the An Cafe gig,I know alot of people find them annoying but I like their energy!
I've seen them 3 times now and they always make me smile!Such an energtic band.

    My sister was queueing from 1pm that afternoon...I can't be bothered with that so I just queue jumped her,which I disagree with usually but  I thought fuck it loads of people have done it to me in the past.(However I was queueing from 5 so not that bad-it opened at 7)
   So me and Dan ended up in the 1st half of the queue.Thus getting a pretty good spot nearish the front(maybe 4 rows in)on Kanon's side and behind a load of really short people!Score!
I never remember setlists but it was mostly their new stuff with a few old ones.

Summary of the show.Collapse )
Im sure there are other things I've just forgotten them.

YAY I want to watch it now but I promised Dan,we'd watch it on the weekend......however I could watch it and then pretend to not have seen it!!!?hahah nahhh

In other news my final project is going well.I'm making stationary for my hand in.So I have to make a book by next week.BUSY BUSY:O

And I got a merit in my Japanese test(not as good as last year-distintion) but better that I had thought since I haven't been revising properly the whole year.Since I've been working and doing my final year uni stuff.

Current Mood: tiredtired
17 March 2009 @ 12:54 am

Such cute tissues!!

Happy HIppo!!!mmmm

Disappointing alicenine album art work:(

Cleaned my room:O

My eye make up today:D

hmmm my week sorta in pictures.....more weekend.

03 March 2009 @ 11:30 pm
I'm thinking about getting some new lenses and can't make up my mind.....

these are the lenses

the lenses...Collapse )

Without lenses

Angel grey                                           G&G brown


26 February 2009 @ 02:14 pm
So as I mentioned in this post I had to go back to the opticians  to check that my eye was healing.
Its all healed up
They also told me when I was there on Monday that if I brought my old boxes of contact lenses in they could replace them with my new prescription but only if they were in date.
I had 4 boxes but only 2 were in date....however she swapped them all.Im not sure if it was an error or if they were being nice.
So now i have 60 pairs of lenses...that would have been alot of lenses to lose.

Anywho,after about 2 months of wanted wet look leggings(Im fussy and new look NEVER stocked Medium)I finally found them..

ohhhh so shiny!

Also while looking for new short boots for work(which i didn't find)I found this!!!

I struggle to think of titles for my entries,thus the boosh will do.